Thursday, November 1, 2012

Customized Wedding Invitation Card: Pou & Sh'n

Oh gosh... it's been ages since I last posted a blog entry. So many things are happening and I just can't settle my mind on what to blog about :(

So I went through my photo album just to get some inspiration on what to write about, and I found the wedding invitation cards that I made for Pou and Sh'n!

The Beginning
Beginning of 2012, Sh'n approached me and asked about wedding invitation card printing and designing. We went through months of designing, and it was a great feeling looking at the finished product. This is the first time I designed and printed a wedding invitation card (always wanted to do so) and I couldn't be more proud of it.

The concept behind the card
Sh'n wanted to incorporate Kim Casali's cartoon characters in the card, while Pou wanted to keep the card traditional at the same time. So after choosing a suitable Love Is character, I had them seated on the Double Happiness wordings with Chinese wedding head sets.

The other concept is that both Pou and Sh'n wanted the invitation card to reflect a music/record album because both of them are involved in the music industry (Pou is an audio engineer and Sh'n is an ICOM graduate and pianist).

With this, I added on the 'Parental Advisory' logo saying 'Strong Love' on the bottom left of the cover; and n the top right corner, I added a highlights logo saying 'Featuring the chart-topping hit couple of the year-Chin Sh'n and Sin Jie. Also includes an exclusive invitation to witness the union between two beautiful souls'

Next, when the invitation card is opened up, just like a real music/record album, we have the CD on the right side. On the left, of course we placed the official invitation wordings. Pou bought blank CDs that has ridges on the surface, just like a real black vinyl record! Which was perfect. So I just needed to design and print the sticker for the middle portion. We also cie-cut the EVA foam to hold the CD. Pou and Sh'n manually glue the EVA foam on the card, and stick the CD sticker on all the CDs. They later burnt some love songs in the CD. Nice touch :)

And lastly, the back cover. Since Pou and Sh'n are having two dinner receptions, I created two maps. And at the bottom portion of the back cover, we have the 'credit list', again, just like a music/record album. This credit list highlights the friends who have helped Pou and Sh'n in the wedding like Matron of Honor, Best Man, Gown Designer etc. I completed the card with a bar code just next to the credit list (it does not work, of course, heheh).

A summary of the wedding invitation card specification:
Card: 220gsm Ivory Artcard with Twinkle/Diamond Effect
Folding Line: Yes
Open Size: 16.5cm (height) x 33cm (Length)
Closed Size: 16.5cm (height) x 16.5cm (Length)
Printing: CMYK Printing Both Sides
Envelope: Yes (Standard Pink Envelope)
EVA Foam: Specially Die-Cut for Pou and Shn
CD Label Sticker Printing: 1-Color

Thank you, Pou and Sh'n for trusting me with your wedding invitation card! I had fun throughout the process :)

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